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The Open Source portal, the Catharsis framework, Wiki .NET Parser C#, jQuery, .NET blogs, for free... follows Lance Hunt C# Coding Standards

Wiki .NET Parser is available on the :

Catharsis 4.5.0  (8.5.2013)


The Catharsis framework ver 4.5.0     8.5.2013

  • VS 2012
  • .NET 4.5
  • REST Web API
  • ASP.NET MVC 4.0
  • no more CodeContracts
  • Nuget, all external libraries are loaded during the build
  • HTML 5 (IE 7+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera 11+) - IE 6.0 is not supported anymore
  • Wiki .NET Paresr II,
  • NHibernate 3.3.2
  • jQuery 1.8.3
  • StructureMap 2.6.4
  • OpenXML 2.0 (MS Excel, MS Word 2007+ export/import),
  • OOP for Razor with strong Controls support
    new Fieldset("w60p mh50 ", "Person")
        new DefinitionList(PercentForLabel.p30)
            new TextOrInput().SetSourceProperty(() => Model.Item.FirstName),            
            new TextOrInput().SetSourceProperty(() => Model.Item.Surname),

Downloads: Catharsis Guidance

Catharsis 4.0 profits from the .NET 4.0. new features! Covariance and Contra-variance simplified a lot of code; The new smart binder binds not only ValueType properties but also the IPersistent entities. The ToDisplay() extension method has much more shorter implementation thanks to named and default parameters. ISearch was simplified and many more...

Data layer

Data layer is mostly powered by NHibernate (3.3.2). For special purposes there is support for XML data files and ADO.NET which is suitable for accessing stored procedures.

Business layer.

The Server side of the application - business layer - is exposing Interfaces for upper layers and validating the Business rules on CRUD operations. Validator design pattern is based on a declarative syntax for every rule. Changes and extending of these settings is simple, straightforward and fast.

The Business layer functionality could be (usually is) reused for other purposes, e.g. exporting or importing routines. The implementation (and maintenance in the future) takes only one place.

UI - Web application

The two ASP.NET MVC 3.0 features: 1. url routing and 2.  basic controller factory are extended to the fully working web application. XHTML 1.0 valid syntax, CSS 2.0 valid syntax and only one sheet for all browsers (Chrome, FF, IE, Opera);

Master page with main menu rendered as the TreeView control; Basic layout for CRUD operations; Support for different views like print or detail view; Running even without the JS support, but rather using the JQuery for user-friendly effects;

Next image describes the Catharsis architecture.



The JSON to HTML template binder    (3.5.2011)

Do you need to bind any JSON (e.g. Entity or list of Entities) into the standard HTML? this template binder has simple syntax, follows the HTML standards and provides powerful binding performance.


The Wiki .NET Parser           (29.5.2011)

Wiki .NET Parser is an .NET (3.5) wiki parser, which is written, using and powered by the ANTLR project. This is an ultimate text parser, ready to be used in many scenarios when the written text must be understood and then converted.

From the use point of view, there is only one method to be called:

var result = ProjectBase.Tools.Wiki.WikiProvider.ConvertToHtml(sourceText);

The sourceText is a string representation of the text written in the Wiki .NET Syntax which is described  here Wiki .NET Syntax

Wiki .NET Parser - overview

ANTLR was also introduced in the NHibernate 2.1 as an ultimate HQL syntax parsing. The Catharsis framework bet on this Open Source as an engine for the Wiki .NET Parser.

Wiki .NET Syntax is (in comparison with almost any other) very simple and/but strict. While using is straightforward and quite easy to understand, mistakes are not gently skipped. The parser enforces the source text to be correctly written and following the Wiki .NET Syntax (lexer and grammar).

While the HTML browser is able to fix or skip the broken syntax, the Wiki .NET Syntax must be much more precise.

But the Wiki .NET Parser also has the bright side:

  • There are only 3 files with not more than 100 statements ONLY! Could you imagine the maintaining or extending of a such small piece of code?
  • There is more then 14 thousand rows of code parsing the Wiki .NET Syntax. But that was generated with the ANTLR tool.
  • The Wiki .NET Syntax covers every basic HTML feature (currently without support for tables). Navigation, images, colors, lists, styling, C# and XML syntax highlighting...


The License is an Open Source portal, free of any royalties, new BSD License    



The portal is powered by the Catharsis framework, Wiki .NET Parser.

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